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A Tradition of Excellence

For more than a century, St. Mary's Academy has provided its students with a rigorous college preparatory education that encompasses all subjects in a caring and nurturing learning environment. Challenging and intellectually stimulating, the coursework is holistic with an emphasis on teaching students to make connections across the curriculum. Students are also encouraged to take risks, move outside of their comfort zones and expand their horizons both inside and outside of the classroom.

Accredited for more than fifty years consecutively by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, St. Mary's Academy has an impressive and dedicated Administrative Team and faculty, many of which possess advanced degrees. Most important is the commitment of each instructor and staff member to treat every student they encounter with the utmost dignity, respect and individuality. Additionally, every discipline is also imbued with a spiritual and moral component-a highlight of an SMA education.

Dr. Kim Vaz
Kim credits the Sisters of the Holy Family with inspiring in her a sense of passion for helping others and for fostering a spirit of determination that has led her to have success in life. When Kim’s family moved to New Orleans in 1969, her parents enrolled her and her brother, Winston, at St. Raymond Elementary School on Paris Ave. where her education under the direction of the Sisters of the Holy Family began. She left St. Raymond after sixth grade to attend St. Mary's Academy. After graduating from St. Mary’s in 1978, she attended Tulane University and earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree. She earned a doctorate in Educational Psychology in 1990 from Indiana University in Bloomington.